Feasibility Study
YNC assists clients in the preparation of feasibility studies at the rate and depth of their choice - from preparing the entire study or supplying missing information were needed. Together, clients and YNC evaluate and determine the required elements and information.

Typical Elements in a Feasibility Study:

Marketing & Sales:
Main Players, Market Size, Penetration Rate, Strength & Weakness, Product Mix, Product Design, Prices, Margins, Promotions, Distribution, Staff, Control.

Feasibility StudyFixed & Overheads (Expenses):
Requirements for Financing & Collaterals. Rent & Municipal fees, Insurance, Communications, Administration & Managerial.

Variable (Expenses):
Labor Cost, Repairs & Maintenance, Utilities, Consumables, and Taxation.

Machine: Characteristics, Capacity, Efficiency, and Waste. Auxiliary equipment.

Materials & Packaging:
Raw Materials, Packaging and Auxiliary materials.

Completion of a feasibility study results in a set of decisions regarding main issues and business plan.

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